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    Twelve Signs for 2021 – The Art and Spirit of Vincent

    Welcome to my new blog!  My resolution for 2021 is to blog each month about what keeps my creative spirit alive. January is symbolic of Capricorn the Goat. Goats climb every mountain, one hoof at a time. As a result, they keep an eye on the prize. My mother, a Capricorn, announced to us that “hard work never hurt anybody,” nevertheless my Gemini beach-loving oldest brother  dared to tease her: “He is just trying to get my goat,” said she. Today there is just enough snow on the ground to remind me it is winter. Now I have a good reason to stay inside, while the pandemic still rages and…

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    At Such a Time as This

    Like Vincent Van Gogh, I love many things. At times, perhaps too many things. Born under the Sign of Pisces with a Libra Moon, the rhythm of my soul as a young adult coalesced in dreams and longings awakened by Walden, The Brothers Karamazov, the poetry of Anna Akhmatova, and the diaries of Anais Nin. Recently I developed a system of ten clones to pay attention to the many aspects of myself including artist, writer, mystic, musician… each month I choose a few clones to nurture. I am amazed at how my mastery is improving as my attention sharpens. No longer out foraging in the Cape Cod world, I move…

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