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At Such a Time as This

Like Vincent Van Gogh, I love many things. At times, perhaps too many things.

Born under the Sign of Pisces with a Libra Moon, the rhythm of my soul as a young adult coalesced in dreams and longings awakened by Walden, The Brothers Karamazov, the poetry of Anna Akhmatova, and the diaries of Anais Nin. Recently I developed a system of ten clones to pay attention to the many aspects of myself including artist, writer, mystic, musician… each month I choose a few clones to nurture. I am amazed at how my mastery is improving as my attention sharpens. No longer out foraging in the Cape Cod world, I move beyond my shores for online weekly flamenco guitar lessons with Marija and the practice of Tai Chi with my former Chinese healer. I watch and listen to meditative services from my friend Peggy in Los Angeles to Taize in France. I have a prayer list that grows each day as I reach out to friends. I ask for healing and transformation that we may all be safe and grow larger spaces in our hearts.

Published in International Women Writer’s Guild newsletter, May 2020

C. Anne Ierardi