Welcome to my site!


As a “Renaissance Woman,” I see the unity of the arts with our human spirit, making this world and our lives beautiful. 

Growing up Italian-American beauty was all around me, but living into it is the journey of a lifetime.


"Coming Alive," my memoir, is the story of my quest through coming out, becoming an artist and entering ordained ministry. Mentors, lovers, travels and awakenings, sometimes fitting in and mostly falling out into the hands of lucky Love.  

Walking with Grief: A Healing Journey, is the poetry of Nanette Geertz illustrated with 21 of my paintings. 


My paintings carry joy, struggle, movement in colors forms, and rhythms. I invite you to view landscapes of my beloved Cape Cod, travels abroad, my Jazz Ladies, and abstracts.  

As a spiritual teacher I offer community worship, creative gatherings, and astrological counseling.

Anne Ierardi