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"Walking with Grief  fills me with warmth and light each time I pick it up. This beautiful little book is a gift to anyone, young or old, journeying through the loss of a loved one. Each page opens to another of Anne Ierardi's luminous paintings, accompanied by the loving comfort of Nan Geertz's poem about her own daughter's death.  I keep several copies of this treasure in my waiting room for my patients.  To a person they have found great solace, whether because they have lost someone themselves or because they are wishing for a way to reach out lovingly to neighbors or friends who are grieving."  - Dr. Patricia L. Papernow, Psychologist

Walking with Grief: A Healing Journey, is a book of art and poetry published by Healthsigns Center. This prose poem written by Nanette Geertz, shows how she dealt with her daughter's unexpected death at age nineteen. Through God's creation she sought and found solace, strength, and hope for the future.

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"I can think of no greater resource of comfort and help than Walking With Grief. What a magnificent blending of art and heart the - profoundly insightful poetry of Nanette Geertz together with the deeply sensitive painting of Anne Ierardi! Here is a direct line to the bereaved that will gently guide their heartbreak encouraging them to live again."Rabbi Earl A.Grollman, author, Living When A Loved One Has Died