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Twelve Signs of the Zodiac: Sagittarius: Adventure & Celebration

Sagittarius, the Archer


my version with friends: Moulin Rouge.

This is my last blog of 2021. I am grateful for all my friends and followers who have

My favorite Sag. “Les with Hercules” painting A. Ierardi

tuned in, commented and emailed as I explored this new medium. I began with the 10th sign of the zodiac last January and before I could harness the 9th sign of Sagittarius, the Archer’s arrow flew and I found myself back to the Sun in Capricorn and Christmas Eve! However, the planet Mars is now in the sign of Sagittarius for the next few weeks so there is plenty of Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) energy remaining:  celebration, faith, adventure and wisdom.


“Coming Alive” A. Ierardi, painting, “Resurrection”

“Coming Alive” in 2022!

My memoir, “Coming Alive” will be published by Shanti Arts in February 2022!

Sagittarius rules publishing, teaching, cultural diversity, and openness to learning new things.

I am happy to share with you an essay of mine published this week from an online journal, “Pummarola.”

Pummarola is a Neapolitan word for “tomato.” The online journal publishes work related to the Italian-American experience from personal stories to contemporary issues. My article was published this week and is partly excerpted from my memoir and from stories that I read a few years ago for my local community’s Christmas Carol night in an old restored Swedenborgian church from the 19th C.  lit by candlelight and warmed by the heat of our bodies and spirits.

View my article:

Me on brother Anthony’s back with cousins, Joe and Dom.

Feast of the Seven Fishes

L-R: My mother and her sisters Rose and Lena

Tonight in Southern Italian culture is the feast of the Seven Fishes which in my story is celebrated when I was in my early twenties at my Aunt Lena’s home.

painting, “Singing in Umbria” A. Ierardi

Yesterday I brought home five fishes for tonight’s meal: local sole, Scottish salmon, baccala (Italian dish made with salt cod) salad, smoked herring, and littlenecks. Judy and I will break out the champagne and toast to finishing  revisions to my memoir and my brother’s return home after recovering from surgery on the Cape.


New Years Wishes

Scat Jazz, Anne Ierardi

Stay tuned for next year’s blog featuring more art, music, and invitation to the launch of my book. I will also share Healthsigns events and upcoming art shows. Unfortunately, we had to cancel, due to the rising level of COVID, my exhibit in January on Walking with Grief and Vespers with Pavia. When it is safe we will meet again for the ongoing Arts Series at the United Methodist Church in Harwich.

Wishing you peace, health, friendship, and new adventures during this Christmas season and into the New Year!

In the Spirit of Love & Hope,




  • Marcia West

    Loving thoughts to all of you; dear Anne, Judy and Dolce: I am in Concord with family; Lexi is here from Manhattan, and Thomas has been here for an extended stay but returns to Kiley and LA on New Years Day, so I have two of three, lucky me. Nick called from Oregon and we zoom with him again tonight. Holly is also having seven-fish dinner tonight amids greens and lights. It is truly beautiful around here. You will be celebrating your first, amongst many, with little Dolce, and I am wishing you a glorious year ahead. I am guessing your book is being published. My refrain: I don’t know how you do all that you do!!! Blessings, M xxx

    • Annie Berry

      Anne , Judy and Dolce , Buon Natale! what is it about the Christmas holiday in particular that evokes our childhood memories so vividly !? Your story about your dinner with your family brought back immediate memories at my grandparents … (my mother’s parents … never met my father’s) where we had many holiday meals when i was very young . They were on the first floor of a two story , two family … my grandmother’s unmarried brother ( “he should’ve been the priest”, was often said ) and sister lived upstairs and took care of their bed ridden mother… my great grandmother from Ireland … pretty much rent free which was a thorn for my grandfather ! I recall my great uncle ‘s (the priest) chuckle and ever present glass and tinkling ice cubes ; I remember pinching several paper -cupped chocolates to find a raspberry – filled from the boxes of Heberts that were always part of Christmas … and that awful ribbon candy . Oh boy, your story , Anne, of your dolce vita dinner has stirred many family memories on this Christmas eve … but ours were Irish ! lots of carrots and boiled potatoes!
      Benedizioni e Amore per tutti noi!
      Annie ( i looked it up!❤️)