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Let Autumn Come

Autumn is a time of change – leaves turning color and then falling to the ground. We have lots of trees in our yard many planted by Honey B.. our previous owner. Trees I never met before -Red Bud and Golden Rain.

The humongous Evergreen drops its long pine combs continuing  to be itself – ever-green. I like that. Stability. “Great is thy faithfulness, God my Creator, There is no turning or changing in Thee.”

A small Japanese maple named “Grace” was a gift for my ministry.  Grace can not be contained! She chose to keep expanding in varying shades of yellow, green, and orange. In winter when she sheds her leaves, her bark turns deep red.

Best Part of Fall:  Back to the Beaches with Dolce

Barefoot at the Beach
The Happiest Poodle in Barnstable









Montreal to Quebec

Our first vacation since the pandemic. We drove North for an international flavor as part of a Road Scholar tour: four days in Montreal and four days in Quebec.

A Light & Sound Spectacular at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Montreal.
View from Quebec City
Quebec City: view from our hotel









A visit to the Ile d’Orleans, an island across from Quebec inspired this painting.







A Grace-filled Encounter

Yet autumn can feel bittersweet since life often appears not stable or grounded.

“Pisces” A. Ierardi
“At the End of the Season” A. Ierardi

Today the rains came and kept coming. I got soaked.  It didn’t matter. What mattered is I did go out to the Cape Museum of Art to get a special gift for a friend. In the foyer I was exhilarated to see  my former art mentor, Sal Del Deo!

Despite the passage of  years, we shook hands as if no time had lapsed though his hair went from white to silvery white and mine from black to grey-brown. Sal still radiated his warm glow and attentiveness.

“Are you still painting?”

“Yes I am!”

I ran to my car and got soaked again (my mother never understood why I didn’t carry an umbrella).  I grabbed a copy of my book, “Coming Alive” and Sal found a pen for me to sign.

Going back twenty six years, I recall his words during a painting  workshop I did in Truro. His Provincetown career began in the early days when artists and fishermen were so much a part of the fabric of the town. It was not uncommon for Sal to bring a fish to class as a model. Sal remarked, “Look at how she concentrates and how she paints the feeling of the fish. Truthfully, I can’t bear to cook lobster more than once a year.” By the fifth day I grew tired of small fish and painted a large 3×4′ “At the End of the Season.”  


Listen to “Le Temps” with Liza and Aznavour

Liza Minelli experienced much change and heartbreak in her life. Even now as her body is failing there is an indomitable spirit in her like that of her mom’s. This video pairs two great spirits, Liza and Charles Aznavour together in concert performing “Le Temps” written by Aznavour.