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    End of the Season: Blue Moon

    Blue Moon in Pisces Born in the sign of the fish I thrive on movement, fluidity, change. Yesterday I woke up with zero motivation. My dreams had brought me to many places. In comparision, Day seemed empty and cloudy.  We drove to Hyannis with Dolce. Rain started. We found an outdoor covered  cafe.  Alberto’s! A friendly waiter,  dog lover, brought Dolce water. Judy  ordered pasta. I ordered canelloni. We watched the world go by.   La Dolce Vita! Duende If you were in Boston in the early seventies you may have read George Frazier in the Boston Globe. His favorite word was from Andalusian Spanish. Duende meant in Stud Terkel’s words:…

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    Twelve Signs for 2021 – Landscapes of the Imagination

    This month begins with the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces, the Fishes. The New Moon is also traveling  in Pisces this weekend. My mother gave birth to me under the sign of the “two fishes.” A new moon heralds new beginnings. In spite of understanding this sign above all others, in its characteristic illusive way I struggle to grasp it. While I live out the poetry of this sign, I struggle in vain to grasp it, like the slippery minnows of childhood running through my legs at Old Silver Beach. Martin Buber in his classic “I and Thou” posed the eternal question: “But how can we incorporate into the…