Spiritual Direction with Anne Ierardi and Bill Geertz

Spiritual direction is said to be not only the oldest but the greatest of arts. It is the art of discerning “that of God” in another and helping the individual remain true to this divine spark.  Grounded in our relationship with God, life can open to authenticity and deep love.

We respect and encourage you to go at your own pace and to utilize the symbols and traditions of your religious/cultural traditions and your own experiences. We can suggest tools such as spiritual practices, journaling, books or tapes that may be helpful. We are here to help you follow the call of the Spirit in your own life.

Astro-Spirit: Life Direction with Anne Ierardi

Tell me,
what is it you plan to do with your one
wild and precious life?  Mary Oliver

Each of us has the capacity to experience deeper fulfillment in our personal and work lives. Spiritual Astrology is a tool to help us can  grow in self-awareness, unlock our potential, and cultivate compassion for our weaknesses. Sessions are available in two or three single meetings or as part of spiritual direction. Anne began her studies in spiritual and psychological astrology in the seventies with Dr. Zip Dobyns and Isabel Hickey; she taught classes for many years in the Boston area. She is a licensed counselor with a doctorate in pastoral counseling.