G A P S Ministries

Jeanné A Paris
“April in Paris” benefit with Soprano Jeanné Brown.

What are gaps? Openings and shortfalls, yet gaps are where we can experience the grace of God, sacred spaces where new life waits.

Gatherings cultivate deep community, inclusion, celebration.
Arts encourage creativity, play, response to beauty
Praxis allows for receiving the divine through faith, study, action.
Sabbath restores through rest, prayer, discernment.

Join us in a place where we foster community through creativity, well-being, and spirituality. We feel that there are gaps in our faith understandings and expression. The times today call for unique places where those who find themselves in the gaps can make connections and share their gifts.

Contemplative Services

Taize meditative singing in a quiet setting promotes a sense of spiritual openness.

Readings for reflection are taken from poetry, scripture, spiritual classics, and contemporary. We meet monthly on Saturday afternoons at St. David’s Episcopal Church in South Yarmouth. All are welcome.

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is the art of discovering and awakening to our deepest yearnings and purpose.  As the Spirit enlivens us we live more authentically.  Spiritual friendship supports the seeker to grow in love and find greater fulfillment in our relationship with the God and others.  Call the center to schedule an appointment.

Monastery of the Heart Group

Through the heart we can transcend the barriers of place and negative thinking. Our hearts are at the center of the invitation to the spiritual life – “Where your heart is, there your treasure will be.”

Monastery of the Heart is a team-led group of seekers who pray, eat, and reflect together inspired by the vision of Benedictine sister Joan Chittister. “Her vision to extend herself and her community to all who are building a world-wide monastery without walls is an opportunity to live a more holy and whole life of contemplation and prayer and action and justice-making.”

GAPS Ministries are a mission of Healthsigns Spiritual Life Center on Cape Cod.

Call Anne at 508-375-0918  

Visit our website for current GAPS programs: www.healthsignscenter.com